Not Your Grandma’s Kitchen: Adventures with Shortbread

I don’t know about you, but shortbread cookies are, in my opinion, one of life’s ultimate pleasures. The sweet buttery taste, the delicious flakiness, and the golden sheen of a perfectly baked cookie.

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Compote and Canning: Adventures with Crab Apples

Typically, crab apple trees in Montreal yield plenty of fruit in the summer but none of it is particularly edible. It is usually tart to the point of sucking all the moisture out of your gums while at the same time leaving an acidic and nauseating aftertaste in your mouth.Given this knowledge and the past experience of taking a large bite out of an unripe crab apple and being most disappointed with the sensation, I was fairly skeptical when my dad sent me a pdf of how-to-cook-with-crab-apples while at camp. Continue reading

To Be or Not to Be Friends with Benefits: The So-called “fuckbuddy” Quandary

There is a level of respect between friends that gets trampled upon when the line between friend and lover gets blurred. A “friends with benefits relationship” tarnishes the meaning of “friend”. There’s a reason you don’t have sex with your friends: you respect them too much to think about sleeping around with them.  Things get confusing and hazy and people get hurt.

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Manners Matter: A Breakdown in Modern Communication

I’m not the most punctual person. As anyone who knows me (intimately or on a “I just met you yesterday why are you late, that’s rude” kind of way), I sometimes have difficulty getting to places on time. For example, I am completely incapable of showing up to my history conference class on Thursday at 10:15. I can easily get there at 10:20.
Five minutes earlier? It just doesn’t happen.

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Freud was a Dick-wad: Modern Critical Theory and Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”

I hereby copyright that title.

So, I have a friend with whom I enjoy geeking out. Last week’s topic of discussion was authorial intent, Freudian analysis, and applied modern critical theory to Christina Rossetti’s “Goblin Market”. If you haven’t read the poem, here’s a link: Continue reading