The Voice of Generation Y: Why Elite Daily is the Bane of my Millennial Existence

A few months ago, there was some outraged garnered over this article in the Huffington Post on the “lost” generation Y. Generation Y (or Millennials) are those of us born between the late 1970s and mid 1990s and despite the 20 year age gap and consistent social, political, and economic change within these eras which can’t possibly render this “age group” useful for any sort of study, we are all apparently self-entitled, delusional, self-centered adolescents trying to live our own wildly ambitious personal dreams whilst living on clouds of unicorns that poop rainbows who are, without exception, going to end up very unhappy because we are apparently in defiance of the definition of the word “special”. #RunOnSentence

I don’t know about you, but I find this mildly insulting.

Out of this kerfuffle sprang a daily news rag known as “Elite Daily: The Voice of Generation Y”, an online forum where people with no credentials and fewer references can spin whatever crap they want and have it published on the website (basically what I do except they actually get exposure from writing about how we’re a lost cause).

The gist of a recent article (100 new year’s resolutions) was to grow up and start being a mature, responsible adult; start making money, stop having sex on the first date, hug people-shaking hands are for strangers. Well I don’t know about you but if I hugged people when I met them for the first time, I would have a lot of restraining orders on my hands. And therein lies my problem with this news site. If Elite Daily wants to be the voice of our generation, it needs to realize that not all of us are irresponsible, drug addicted, sex obsessed, self-centered alcoholics.

The term “millennial” or “generation Y” is deceptive as well. The terms is supposed to describe young urban professionals (YUPPIES) born between the late 1970s and mid 1990s but there is a huge difference between the attitudes and social norms of someone born in 1975 versus someone born in 1990 (notably, we had better cartoons. Seatbelts everyone!). We cannot put an era with a 20 year gap into one neat little box, not only because we are all individuals, but also because we are not the same generation!

Elite Daily is not the voice of my generation: it is where people who enjoy certain lifestyles can be told by holier-than-thou writers that what they’re doing is disrespectful to themselves, where we are snubbed by entitled pricks who wish they could write half as well as anyone at It is a forum where people who like having sex on the first date can go to have their way of life shat on and told that they should learn to respect themselves and whomsoever they are having sex with. It is where women can go to read articles on why that perfect new year’s kiss is a myth and why men like stoner chicks. It is also where you can find articles on why men should be more chivalrous, and why watching porn shouldn’t raise your expectations, all the while completely missing the point that feminists have been trying to make for years.

(There is also a whole section for women intent on reminding you that you are alone and single amid the sea of generation y-ers going forth and multiplying, snidely remarking that you shouldn’t take this as an opportunity to go hook up with a tall dark stranger but that you are also incapable of finding a partner, as though it’s your sole priority in life.)

Elite Daily fails to realize that we are all individuals Generation Y machine. Maybe I am ambitious, and maybe I think I’m special, but telling a group of people, whether they are homogeneous or not, that they are not special and cannot succeed is not going to solve anything. You can’t tell me that I’m foolish for dreaming about a perfect New Year’s Kiss. You’re not preaching to a bunch of adolescent girls whose worlds collapse if they don’t get a date to the prom, you’re supposed to be the voice of 20-30 somethings who have presumably come to the realization that life does indeed have its ups and downs and it won’t fall apart if you don’t kiss someone on New Year’s. If you want to be the voice of a generation in trouble, write articles about something useful for a change!

Happy new year, bitches.


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