There’s No Compromise for Monday: A Scathing Report

Join me for a Monday Rant

Mondays are despicable things. If the weekend is our reward for having worked hard all week, then Mondays are our punishment for having slacked off on our midterm papers Saturday afternoon so that we could drink beer and play Mario Party all day with like-minded friends (or internet buddies, whatever floats your boat).

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Violating the 18th Amendment with No Regrets: Saturday Brunch at Prohibition Montreal

From the glossy wood finished speakeasy interior to the fact that it was busier inside than outside on a beautiful winter’s morning, Matt’s bistro takes comfort food to a new level.

If nothing else, elementary school has taught me that the key to success is a big, healthy breakfast in the morning. Orange juice, cereal, milk, eggs, toast, fruit, the works. [Personally, I’ve always felt that leftover pizza is an adequate breakfast, but that could just be me.] You can function better when you are well fed in the morning, you are focused and alert, and it is a means to a healthy way of living. Continue reading