“Une Maudite Poutine”: Quebec’s Big Mistake

Far from a gourmet taste experience, classic poutine (French fries, cheese curds, and gravy) is a typical, late-night, post-alcoholic-binge indulgence. Up there with Schwartz’s smoked meat sandwiches, halal pizza slices, or $2.00 chow mein after a late night prowl along St Laurent boulevard, poutine somehow manages to suppress any and all desire to regurgitate those Jaeger-Bombs you probably shouldn’t have had. The possible inventor, Fernand Lachance, is rumored to have replied “ça va faire une maudite poutine” (it will make a damn mess) when asked to put cheese curds on a customer’s French fries in 1957.

Even he seemed to think it was a bad idea. Continue reading