And So I Venture Forth…To Prince Edward Island

Behold: my soon-to-be adventures in the Maritime province known as Prince Edward Island, which is neither Princeley nor Edward-ly. Venture on, dear Readers, as day by day I explore the great vastness of this wondrous island.

Though, let’s be honest, it’s not that big.

Where’s Waldo; Canada Edition

Equipped with nothing but my laptop, my camera, my iPhone, my boyfriend, all the essentials for a 10 day trip, a list of places to visit, see, and eat (yes, I will eat the places, don’t challenge this), and a hope that I will be able to rent/borrow/hopefully not have to resort to theft but may have to steal a bicycle (though possibly have to hitchhike but let’s hope that doesn’t happen), my adventure begins right now as I hop on a bus that will take me from Montreal to Charlottetown in no less than 17 hours which, honestly, isn’t that bad.

[To put this into perspective, two weeks ago I got back from a 12 hour, non-stop flight from Israel. This bus ride is paradise on earth in comparison]

Because the hour is late, I will forego the hour-by-hour update and save you the trouble of keeping your tired eyes glued to your overly bright computer screen. Seriously, turn down your brightness. It is so much more pleasant and relaxing once you get used to it.

Anyhow, it is 11:01 pm and I am incredibly thirsty.

I knew I forgot something.

Oh well. Chance for water in 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Sayonara, Montreal…

Adios, motherf***ers...
Adios, motherf***ers…

…Hello, Stanhope…

What the f*** am I getting myself into???
What the f*** am I getting myself into???

I’m here for 10 days. Let’s hope I can keep you (and more importantly, myself) entertained in the province that,  I have been warned, is more than a little boring.


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