Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign: The Worst Pick Up Lines Possible


Montreal is no stranger to curious men (and women) trying to pick up other men (and women) (for anyone who’s ever read MTLBlog, they know that Montreal is clearly a sex-crazed and erotically driven city). Given the nature of bar hopping, clubbing, and other night-time exploits, it can be difficult to meet interesting and like-minded people who won’t scare you off ¬†with their uncultured sporting references (if you’re a pretentious neo-hipster like me) or bad acne. Continue reading


An Ode to Pilfering: Alas, My Front Wheel

To the Bicycle Wheel Thief,

You must be incredibly weary this morning. Indeed, you are probably still asleep. I can only imagine so, given the ungodly hour at which last night’s events must have occurred. It must have been just early enough so that no one could have seen you, yet just late enough that you would still have time to make it home with your precious cargo to dream of spoked wheels and dollar bills.

(You should be wary of me, Bicycle Wheel Thief, for it is only under duress that I even attempt to rhyme.)