Really? You Didn’t See Nothing? Amazing

Dear People Behind Me,

The next one of you to say “I didn’t see nothin'” gets their tongue forcibly removed from their cavernous cake holes.

Use it properly or lose it, dipshits.


A frustrated grammarian


I hate everything so why should I even bother with a title?

Farewell, Old Faithful. It was nice knowing you.
Farewell, Old Faithful. It was nice knowing you.

Dear Bike Thief,

I have many things to say to you but I would like to get to the heart of the matter sooner rather than later:

Fuck. You.

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Outlander, The Library, and Poop Piles: Gluten Free Nutella Rice Monsters

IMG_0818TL;DR–>Scroll down to ignore my tangent and just get the recipe. 

These treats were perfect for munching as I lounged about on Cloud 9. I had transcended whatever happiness that could be unearthed in the mundane recesses of earth and found myself floating in bliss with my army of nutella monsters and new copy of a rather popular novel that I am not ashamed to call a favourite.

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The Double Edged Sword of Relevance: Iñárritu’s “Birdman”


“Inarritu’s production was a satire of a satire on art that was able to make fun of people who decide what is art and what is not whilst simultaneously presenting itself as a hollywood drama under the guise of an art house movie.”

As a theatre geek, I was more enthralled with Alejandro Inarritu’s masterpiece Birdman than, say, The Boyfriend sitting next to me trying to cop a feel during the last 25 minutes (I mean, who hasn’t in a dark theatre watching a seemingly dreary hollywood drama) wondering idly if the movie was almost over. Continue reading

Close Encounters with the Cycling Police: Law and Order, Montreal-Style

Montreal cyclists are either incredibly fearless or plain dumb. We often don’t wear helmets, we entrust our lives to the broken down Bixis available for rent on street corners, we bike well into the dead of winter and, for the better part of those trying to get to school or work in the morning, traffic lights and signals are merely a suggestion. Being a Montreal cyclist myself the only thing that stopped me from cycling well into January was a set of frozen brakes, a sense of self-preservation, and a slap on the wrist from a concerned, but well-meaning police officer.

We don't even let snow get in our way. Hell, we eat snow for breakfast.
We don’t even let snow get in our way. Hell, we eat snow for breakfast.
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