Perpetually Cynical is a blogger from Montreal. When she’s not ranting about the benefits of studying Shakespeare or being outspoken against Starbucks, she can be found blogging, baking, crafting, and engaging in all manner of shenanigans, the most recent one being her decision to move to Toronto to become a pastry chef/manager-of-some-sort. She’s still not entirely sure what she was thinking but you can follow her on her adventures here.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Gabrielle, I enjoy your blogs. I remember reading one on Jellied Moose Nose a while back, do you know a place in Alberta that may serve that, or point me in the right direction (websites, contacts) that know more about it, reason I am asking is I am flying to Calgary and am dying to do a special episode on this unique dish, lots of thanks and keep up the good job. Matt (www.reformatt.com)


    1. Hi Matt,thanks for reading! I have no idea where you might find jellied moose nose in Alberta, unfortunately. I found the recipe in a Canadian cookbook that had crazy recipes and different ways of cooking/stewing/braising/pickling all sorts of species native to Canada. Best of luck on your travels, I would die to see the finished product if you do manage to find it! Cheers, Gabrielle (perpetuallycynical.com)


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